About Us

Creating a Positive Difference!

MultiNutry Cosmetica is a newcomer company that is dynamically entering
in the world of beauty care. Our total dedication to pure natural ingredients comes out of our clear purpose to give our customers the best quality without risk.
That’s why all our products are dermatological and microbiologically tested. In respect for our environment and every living-being of our home planet,
we are aiming to inspire today’s women to discover their self-confidence
and feel their own uniquely natural beauty.
MultiNutry products have the potential to create a positive difference helping you live a balanced and healthy life.


Inspired by the treasures of nature, our company fully meets the needs of every skin. Each product has multiple actions: It moisturizes, protects against environmental attacks, prevents and treats the signs of aging or other problems. The use of pure essential oils, has an effect on mood, rejuvenates, tones, removes tension and stress. All peritoneal products are ideally combined to offer the maximum possible results.

MultiNutry Cosmetica has a Research and Development department, with experience in the development of INNOVATIVE natural cosmetics. It controls their action and effectiveness by performing dermatological tests on the final product in close collaboration with accredited laboratories.

Features of Our Products


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