Multinutry Eye Cream 30ml


Soothing & lifting effect
The Multinutry eye cream contains decongestant products to alleviate dark circles due to a few hours of sleep. The specific formulas with decongestant action can also be combined with foundation and concealer to minimize the effect of dark circles.

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The MultiNutry eye cream has a base of hyaluronic acid creating a lifting and filling effect. Other active ingredients from quinoa seeds with filmogenic, gives a moisturizing and tightening effect, rich in polysaccharides that eases blood circulation in the area of skin around the eye and reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags.
Remedy for bags under the eye: leave the product in the refrigerator for a few minutes before application.
The cold effect works well with the eye cream, favoring the vascularization through the cryo effect. Apply a small amount under the eye and spread it by gently tapping avoiding the iris and the beauty elixir is served.


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