Multinutry Tonic Lotion 250ml


Overall perfection!
Another fundamental step in cleaning the skin…
After using your daily cleanser using the tonic lotion goes deeper into the skin to eliminate any residual impurities (sebum, make-up, dead cells) or particulars of makeup remover (cleansing milk, oils, soaps) that can remain on the face.

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In short, our Multinutry Tonic Lotion would be an extra gesture to “perfect” the make-up remover and to make the skin even better by allowing it to breathe and eventually close the pores. In fact, if we clean the pores with cleansing and make sure to free the skin from dirt, with the tonic we can be able to recompact it.
Combined with prebiotics that nourish the skin barrier and rebalance the sensitive, delicate skin and natural agents from the pulp of mushroom that refines pores, smooths and moisturizes the skin


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